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Residential Fencing

Custom design Residential Fence

Product Name

Custom design aluminum fence


aluminum 6000 series T5/T6


White, Black, wooden, Grey, Silver and custom color


10 sets production lines, from 800-4000 tons machines 


strong, durable, corrosion-resistant , easy to maintenance

We found if you and your family want to have a perfect family, which is closely related to a perfectly designed aluminum fence scheme. Whether you want to establish a solid boundary to clarify your property field, create enough security so that you and your children and pets can play safely outdoors, or you want a little privacy so that you can enjoy life without any interference in the expanded home, it is very important to custom aluminum fence panels, the installation of residential fence can enhance the protection of your products and your life. EASTEEL is a Chinese professional custom aluminum fence company, providing the custom fence service for you.

For a fraction of the price, the classic look of wrought iron can be achieved through our custom design residential aluminum fences. Although not as thick and strong as iron, our aluminum fence extrusion have the advantages of powder coating (anti-fade and anti-scratch) which iron does not have.
What does this mean for you? Rust, rot or fading is no longer a concern with our residential aluminum fencing options. And unlike ironwood fences, you don't have to paint or recolor an aluminum fence once it's installed. You may still occasionally need to clean it with a garden hose, but the aluminum fence requires little regular maintenance every year. So from a long-term perspective, aluminium fence price is more competitive .


EASTEEL offer high quality aluminum fencing materials at an affordable price to meet your needs and within your budget, as well as OEM and ODM services. Custom aluminum fence manufacturer provide the custom service for you , our fence solution can also use the best materials if you need. And the surface of the aluminum fence can be tested in hot, humid, high-salt environments. If you have a need, our paint can be tested for 10,000 hours of salt spray to reassure you, which is more than three times AAMA requirements .

Fence application scenarios

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