China Lost Wax Investment Casting Supplier
China Lost Wax Investment Casting Supplier

Custom Investment Casting

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investment casting

Welcome to wholesale Lost Wax Investment Casting in bulk from Easteel factory and supplier in China.
Factory price and high-quality Lost Wax Investment Casting will be provided for you.
custom lost wax investment casting

Investment casting is one of the oldest manufacturing processes in the world. This fusion casting process pours molten metal into consumable ceramic molds and dates back thousands of years. By using wax molds or models to form molds, the copperware cast by this method has neither pattern marks nor traces of gaskets. It is better to use it to cast hollow objects.

Investment casting is often called lost wax investment casting because the original wax mold will melt from the mold after the ceramic is cured. Then pour the used base metal into the remaining cavity to fill the inner shape.

    Investment casting applications
    Aerospace: The aerospace industry relies heavily on precision casting to manufacture items such as satellites, aircraft door frames, hydraulic fluid system components, actuation systems, bearing covers, cargo systems, and landing and braking components.
    Power generation: Turbine blades, fuel nozzles, seals, air boxes, combustion hardware, and turbulence tubes are all manufactured by precision casting.
    Military: The military uses precision casting to achieve a variety of applications, including robotics, gun manufacturing, missile components, electronic enclosures, armored vehicles, shipboard components, sonar and radar receivers, and heavy equipment components.
    Automobiles: Automobile manufacturers use customized investment casting processes to create unique parts and aftermarket parts, tools, and accessories.

    custom high precision investment casting

    You need Custom Investment Casting in the following situations:

    • You need a high precision investment casting of complex shapes: the tolerance of the precision casting manufacturer is 0.05% of the length. For small sizes, the tolerance maybe 0.15%.
    • Metals or alloys are difficult to manufacture or process: various metals are very suitable for casting, including carbon steel investment casting, stainless steel investment casting, Aluminum investment casting, brass investment casting, copper investment casting.
    • You need parts that cannot be manufactured using traditional technology: stainless steel casting is ideal, for example, when manufacturing aircraft parts or complex turbine blades that must withstand extreme temperatures and conditions.
    • Create application scenarios that are critical to safety: Due to the high precision of precision casting, many of our products are used in critical automotive applications, in which we must carefully control the ductility of parts, Tensile strength, and accuracy of parts.

    Flexible service way :

    We have a professional engineer team to design custom parts for your needs, also providing 3D printing. ODM/OEM service, Production Design, and Mould Design base on your requirement. Providing the sample before mass production, ensure all is OK for you.

    custom high precision investment casting

    Investment Casting Specification Attributes:


    Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Copper


    Lost wax casting + CNC machining

    Casting tolerance

    +/- 0.02 mm

    Casting roughness


    Casting weight range


    Surface treatment

    Zinc plating, Polishing, Anodizing, Painting, Nickel plating


    OEM / ODM

    Quality Control

    100% inspection


    Industrial, commercial, Household, Automotive parts

    Production Process:

    Make Wax Shape -- Inspect Wax Shape -- Welding -- Painting 5 times -- Drying -- Casting --Surface Treatment.

    custom industrial investment casting

    Investment casting process

    Create patterns: EASTEEL uses computer modeling programs to make three-dimensional solid models. Then, stereolithography is used to convert the virtual model into a model made of wax or other molten materials.
    Mold manufacturing: Workers immerse the wax mold in the refractory slurry several times to form a skin on the wax mold. For low-temperature melts, the slurry usually contains plaster of Paris (binder) and powdered silica (refractory material). High-temperature melt uses silicon dioxide (adhesive) and sillimanite (refractory material). According to the required fineness of the surface treatment agent, workers will additionally apply ethyl silicate and sillimanite coatings. When the casting is heavy, the expert may put the mold in a large container and use more slurry for reinforcement.
    Mold heating: Workers heat the pattern in the oven to melt the wax.
    Mold preheating: Workers preheat the mold to about 1000°C to remove residual wax, harden the adhesive, and ensure that the mold is completely filled with molten metal.
    Metal pouring: Pouring methods include the use of gravity and pressure or vacuum conditions.
    Inspection: Experts ensure that the cast parts are the same as the original design and there are no damages or weaknesses.

    Production Workshop:

    custom carbon steel investment casting

    Investment Casting Products Show:

    custom brass investment casting

    How to choose a professional manufacturer?

    custom stainless steel investment casting
    • EASTEEL keep the honest business rule!
    • NDA is Available to all customized Aluminum product customers!
    • Keep the moulding Only for You! Never show on the Internet and any exhibition.

    • QC report is Available for each order!
    • You can know all status of your order.

    custom high precision investment casting

    custom high precision investment casting

    • Good quality is nothing until arrive you!
    • Strong wood case, Carefully loading keep the high quality goods arrive you!

    EASTEEL Custom Investment Casting Advantages

    EASTEEL has 17 years of casting experience and can provide you with the reliability and quality assurance required for customized investment casting. We use the best quality equipment to enable us to efficiently manufacture your high-volume castings at a competitive price. In addition to precision castings, we also provide a variety of customized industrial investment casting services. EASTEEL can save your time and money.

    Our capabilities include more than just casting expertise. We have a technical team and sales support team with extensive experience in engineering, metallurgy, and manufacturing. If you have questions about our casting process, please contact us to discuss your concerns.

    How to package?

    • Bubble pack, prevent products from rubbing against each other.

    • Carton and pallet, reinforcement, and tidy.

    • Or Wooden case.

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