China Custom Aluminum Die Casting Wholesale
China Custom Aluminum Die Casting Wholesale
China Custom Aluminum Die Casting Wholesale

Custom Die Casting

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die casting

Relative Custom Aluminum Die Casting application:

EASTEEL is an enterprise integrating custom die casting design, manufacturing, and processing. We provide enthusiastic services for all kinds of die casting manufacturing with high-quality equipment and meticulous processing technology. Our company's products have been well received by customers for a long time. For mass production, die casting is an effective manufacturing process. At EASTEEL, we use die casting to manufacture high-quality parts for various industries. Some examples of the parts we manufacture include:

  • Houses , Gears , Bushing, Water pump, Lampshade, Electrical box and enclosure, Valves and so on .
  • Welcome to wholesale Custom Aluminum Die Casting in bulk with factory price from Easteel supplier and manufacturer in China.

custom high pressure aluminum die castingcustom zamak die casting

custom aluminum die castingcustom electrophoresis die casting

Die casting advantages

At EASTEEL, our custom die casting process has many advantages over other types of metal processing methods. The parts produced by our die casting service are durable and stable. Some other advantages related to die casting include:

  • More cost-effective mass production
  • Allows thinner walls and tighter tolerances, providing you with the precise parts you need
  • Die castings are durable and dimensionally stable
  • Smoother surface than all other forms of casting

custom sandblasting die casting factory

custom aluminium low pressure die casting

Die Casting Specification Attributes:

Material & Temper

Aluminum Alloy ADC12, A380, Zamak and etc

Film Standard

Powder coating: 60-120 μ, Electrophoresis film: 12-25 μ.

Casting Machine

160-1600 tons

Part Weight

from 80g-12kgs


0.4mm-20mm or Customized.

Surface Treatment

Mill-Finished, Powder Coating, Polishing, Brushing, etc.


Industry fittings and Construction and Decoration.


Die designing→Die making→Smelting&alloying→QC→Die casting→remove burrs→QC→Surface treatment→QC→Packing→QC→Shipping→After-Sale Service


As customers' requirements. Usually 10-12 tons for a 20'FT; 20-23 tons for a 40HQ.



Surface Treatment Show :

EASTEEL is equipped with high-tech production lines and surface treatment line, and you can also custom the colors. Our production process confirms to the ISO 9001 standard and strict quality control.

custom passivation die casting supplier

How to Choose Zamak or Aluminum die casting?

1. Zamak die casting

  • Zinc alloy has a low melting point, a small solidification temperature range, easy filling and forming, and a small shrinkage tendency. It can die-cast precision parts with complex shapes  and  thin walls, with smooth casting surfaces and high dimensional accuracy;
  • Pouring temperature is low, mold life is long, mold is not easy to stick, and mold is not corroded.
  • The room temperature mechanical properties of zinc alloys are also relatively high, especially in compression and wear resistance.
  • Well accept various surface treatments, such as electroplating, spraying, painting, etc.
  • The most serious shortcomings of zinc alloys are aging, increased volume and reduced strength. Excessive time will lead to deformation or even chipping of die castings. This is also the main reason why the use of zinc alloys is limited.

2. Aluminum die casting

  • Aluminum alloy is much better than zinc alloy in terms of performance, with good die-casting performance, electrical and thermal conductivity, and good cutting performance.
  • Disadvantages are also obvious. Aluminum-silicon series alloys are easy to stick to molds, are corrosive to metal crucibles, shrink in volume, and easily produce shrinkage holes. So the mold charge will be higher.

So if you don't consider more the mold charge, and the surface requirements are not high, it will be better to choose aluminum die-casting, otherwise, choose zinc alloy die-casting.

Assemble and QC process line :

Assemble working and strictly QC inspection are also provided. Making high-quality products is the most basic for suppliers, but assembly and work is the most basic for customers, we can ensure the assemble and working.

custom aluminum die casting services

How to choose professional die casting manufacturer ?

custom aluminum gravity die casting

  • From 160 tons to The Max 1600 tons die casting machine.
  • The most Economical parts weight is 80 g to 12 KG, and the length is less than 1 meter.

  • High Quality die casting machine and mould.
  • 16 years of rich experience in die casting design and manufacture.

custom investment die casting process

custom low pressure die casting

  • EASTEEL keep the honest business rule!
  • NDA is Available to all customized Aluminum product customers!
  • Keep the moulding Only for You! Never show on the Internet and any exhibition.

  • QC report is Available for each order!
  • You can know all status of your order.
custom zamak die casting
custom high pressure aluminum die casting

  • Good quality is nothing until arrive you!
  • Strong wood case, Carefully loading keep the high-quality goods arrive you!

EASTEEL provides a variety of die casting services, including high-pressure aluminum die casting, Zamak die casting, low pressure die casting, aluminum gravity die casting, passivation die casting, sandblasting die casting, electrophoresis die casting, etc. The processes and the material you can choose according to your needs.

EASTEEL provides high-quality customized die-casting services for your parts, components and product needs. The die casting process also allows the creation of parts with complex shapes and unique tolerances.
Please contact us for more information about our customized die casting process and die casting applications, or call us at +8657188305472, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our die casting process.

How to package?

  • Bubble pack, prevent products from rubbing against each other.

  • Carton and pallet, reinforcement and tidy.

  • Or Wooden case.
custom aluminum die casting manufacturer

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