How Much Does It Cost To Install Stair Railing?

 custom simple metal stair railing
simple metal stair railing

I have a lot of friends who all live in houses with very different aesthetics and personalities. For the most part, the houses started out as similar manor houses, with occasional turn-of-the-century bungalows or craftsman-style cottages. However, over time my friends marked the outside of their home with their personalities and they also changed the finish to suit their tastes better.

These exterior differences often come in the form of balconies, and a custom railing system is a great way my friends tend to express their sense of style. Aluminum railing designs can add a rustic touch to a classic manor home, and outdoor craftsman-style railings can bring an ultra-modern, man-made feel. The scary thing about balconies and railings is that they change the structure of the house. This means they are a fairly easy and affordable way to add useful space to your home and enhance its style. The good news is that customization doesn't have to mean precious, and it doesn't have to require a lengthy installation process.

Custom Simple Metal Stair Railing

When I say stair railing design ideas, I mean a prefabricated railing system with features that allow you to customize the railing to your taste. In fact, this type of residential stair railing offers fewer customization options than traditionally manufactured railings, where each piece is selected and assembled to specification. Still, the track system is easier to install, and customization isn't as important as a big job. And, for the largest homes, customization doesn't mean a lot of additions and decorations. I will explain why.

In the early 20th century, we moved from historically more formal and opulent homes to more flexible living arrangements and open living. This shift has resulted in manor, craftsman, detached and numerous other styles of dwellings. These styles focus on texture and color, rather than decoration, to enhance a certain aesthetic in the home. But if you look at the typical rancher's combination of block and masonry or wood siding and masonry, you get the idea. When choosing railings for these homes, the focus is often not on decor, but on choosing different contrasting materials and textures to complete the look.

Still, if your home falls into this category and your taste isn't for glam, an alluring finish might be the only customization you need. If the home has wood siding, stucco, or masonry, a steel railing with a glossy black texture can be a nice contrast to the rough surface. Conversely, if most areas of the home are smooth painted blocks, a textured bronze finish can add visual interest. Covering steel balustrade panels in wood or composite can also create a pleasing contrast, which can tie the entire exterior together if the wood handrail matches the decor in the home. On the other hand, if you're not in the "less is more" camp, a railing panel system can still provide more baroque trim.

Customizable Railing Trim

If your home's style emphasizes trim and detail, you might think that a pre-assembled railing system doesn't offer enough customization options. For example, owners of Victorian houses may think that intricate planks or balustrades with thick balustrades are their only options. Mediterranean, Gothic, and Tudor-style homes are also decorated, and their owners may feel that only expensive fabricated railings will fit their home. In either case, this is not the case. There are steel balustrades that can be customized with additional details such as:

The accent panel simply attaches to the top of the rail, above the top rail. They have a different pattern than the main panel, such as circles, decorative baskets or scrolls.
The accent rail is attached to the top rail, giving it a wider appearance and accentuating the wrought-iron look of the steel balustrade.
Knuckles are two-piece ornaments that wrap around the railing and are screwed in place. These make the railing look more ornate and can be used to create unique patterns such as diamonds on the railing section.
Inserts are circular ornaments that go into the center of the panel to make it stand out. They come in all shapes, from stars to curly steel rattan. Railing panels with inserts usually need to be ordered in advance.
There are some advantages to customizing a deck railing system rather than commissioning a craftsman to make wood or metal from scratch. The first advantage is knowing that the end result will meet expectations. The second advantage is long-term durability. Not many artisans have fully equipped workshops with paint booths or powder coating equipment. Without these, even a skilled craftsman would have difficulty making rust-resistant steel railings. Galvanized and powder-coated railings from the factory will stand up to the grinding of years better than railings that use only paint and primer. In addition to this durability benefit, buying a railing system is more economical than building it from scratch. Of course, it's entirely possible to end up with a cheap, flimsy railing system, so it's important to find one that you're confident will last for a few years. The key elements to look for are the all-welded construction and multi-part coating process.

EASTEEL's custom railings are railing systems with a thorough, multi-part coating system. It's a fully welded railing system made of pre-galvanized steel and coated (the type of coating they put on the car to prevent rust on the underbelly) and finished with a DuPont powder coat. It can also be customized with decorative railings, knuckles and handrails to match home styles from simple to ornate. Contact EASTEEL to learn more about other customizable deck railing systems. Customizability, aesthetics and resistance to the elements characterize all EASTEEL product lines.